Classis Documents

Please find here documents that are common to all churches within the classis.

NOTE: Agendas and Minutes from Classis meetings are not kept here. They are kept with the appropriate meeting. Please refer to the Meetings page to access them.

Servants of Classis Huron, Spring 2022
Pulpit Supply Schedule
Classis Huron Expense Form
Rules of Classis Huron
The Purpose of Classis
Classical Credentials
Classis Primer

This Classis Primer is intended to help you navigate your experience (especially if it’s your first time). You’ll find an explanation of all the various committees that you see on the agenda.
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask the one of the officers of the day, or the stated clerk.

Ministry Share Remittance Form
Classis Huron Bylaw